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Episcopal Leadership : Shaping Power in Gaul and Hispania (IVth-VIIth centuries)

International Conference

International Conference of

  • the Center for Advanced Study “RomanIslam – Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies” (Universität Hamburg),
  • the Instituto de História (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) and
  • the “Centre Camille Jullian – UMR 7299 / AMU – CNRS – MCC / Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme” (Aix-en-Provence)

 between the 6th and 8th of March of 2023
 Warburg-Haus, Heilwigstr. 116, 20249 Hamburg

Organisé par

  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Panzram et Dr. Paulo Pachá (Universität Hamburg, RomanIslam – Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Heijmans (Centre Camille Jullian)


During the Christianization of the Western Roman Empire, bishops established themselves in prominent positions in the cities from the 4th century onwards. They looked after the poor, acted as judges, were responsible for “construction booms”, and negotiated with duces, kings, or the emperor, not least when it came to ransoming prisoners. According to the communis opinio, we find this urban episcopal leadership particularly in Gaul, but research with a view to the late antique urban world of Hispania also states this phenomenon.
This international and interdisciplinary conference aims to explicitly compare episcopal rule in both regions through archaeological and thematic approaches. The case studies of paradigmatic cities will allow an analysis of the material manifestations of episcopal leadership. At the same time, the thematic approaches enable us to discuss the same process from diverse perspectives : administrative, political, economic, civic, literary and liturgical. Concerning these, how does the urban episcopal leadership differ in both regions ? Is it the same type of phenomena ? Did it happen simultaneously ? Last but not least, to what extent did Rome continue to function as a paradigm for Gaul and Hispania ?


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 Monday, 06.03.2023
18.00 h Sabine Panzram ; Paulo Pachá ; Marc Heijmans - Welcome and Introduction

 Rome as a paradigm
Chair Sabine Panzram
18.30 h Carlos Machado - Episcopal leadership and its limits in late antique Rome
19.15 h Michele Renee Salzman - The civic role of the bishop of Rome : the construction of papal authority
20.00 h Reception

 Tuesday, 07.03.2023

 Gaul and Hispania – archaeological approaches
Chair Paulo Pachá
9.30 h Simon Loseby - Ubique micant tua templa, sacerdos : bishops, buildings, and power in late antique Gaul
10.15 h Alexandra Chavarria Arnau - The role of bishops in the christianization of urban landscapes in late Roman Spain
11.00 h Coffee
11.30 h Marc Heijmans - Arles in the Vth and VIth centuries. A political and ecclesiastical capital in late antique Gaul
12.15 h Sabine Panzram - From Augusta Emerita to Merida – The making of a capital of the dioecesis Hispaniarum
13.00 h Lunch
Chair Marc Heijmans
15.30 h Charles Bonnet ; Michèle Gaillard - Episcopal presence and christian settlement in Genava and its surroundings (IVth-VIIIth centuries)
16.15 h Albert V. Ribera i Lacomba ; Miquel Rosselló Mesquida - The Valentia (Hispania) episcopal center. From the martyr (Vicentius) to the bishop (Iustinianus)
17.00 h Coffee

 Gaul and Hispania – thematic approaches
Chair Paulo Pachá
17.30 h Josiane Barbier - Between palatium and civitas, bishops in Merovingian Gaul
18.15 h Ian Wood - Variations in ecclesiastical land acquisition in the VIth and VIIth centuries
20.30 h Dinner

 Wednesday, 08.03.2023
Chair Pieter Houten
9.30 h Martin Horst - Convening Gallic councils – personals factors shaping attendance and subject matters
10.15 h Paulo Pachá - The Iberian councils : shaping power and authority in Visigothic Hispania
11.00 h Coffee
11.30 h Gernot M. Müller - Constructing episcopal authority in post-Roman letter collections
12.15 h Paulo Farmhouse Alberto - Eugenius of Toledo on the royal court
13.00 h Lunch
Chair Paulo Pachá
15.30 h Molly Lester - Liturgy and clerical hierarchy in late antique Iberia
16.15 h Paulo Duarte Silva - Liturgy and authority in the Early Middle Ages : the bishopric of Caesarius of Arles (502-542)
17.00 h Coffee
Chair Sabine Panzram
17.30 h Kay Boers - Thinking with Desiderius. Cities, saints and episcopal strategies of persuasion in VIIth century Gaul and Hispania
18.15 h Javier Arce - Conclusions
20.30 h Dinner


Online attendants, please register at rocco.selvaggi[at ]]