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Travelling Through time : New Perspectives, Methods and Challenges for Understanding Livestock Mobility in the Past=Voyager à travers le temps : nouvelles perspectives, méthodes et défis pour comprendre la mobilité du bétail dans le passé

Colloque international, 6-7 septembre, MMSH et 8-9 septembre 2022, massif des Écrins

Colloque international "Travelling Through time : New Perspectives, Methods and Challenges for Understanding Livestock Mobility in the Past", organisé par le programme européen PATHWAy (Centre Camille Jullian A*MIDEX Aix Marseille Université - France / University of York, AHRC - UK).
 Il se tiendra du 6 au 7 septembre 2022 à la Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme, Aix-en-Provence
 et les 7-9 septembre, dans le massif des Écrins (Excursion avec hébergement).

 La date de clôture des inscriptions est fixée au 26 août 2022 (inclus)

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 Mardi 6 septembre 2022
13h30-14h30 Reception and welcome snack
14h30-15h15 Inaugurale Communication
15h15-15h30 Discussion
15h30-15h50 Camelid herding traditions and mobility patterns during the Wari Empire expansion (north-central Peru).
Weronika Tomczyk, Claire Ebert
15h50-16h Discussion
16h-16h20 The introduction of European livestock in Nueva España and its adoption by the Indigenous people of Cuarum, a 16th century village in Michoacán, Mexico
Aurélie Manin, Carolina Ramos Novelo, Karine Lefèbvre
16h20-16h30 Discussion
16h30-16h50 Pastoralism in North Africa : a Bird’s-eye view on Tripolitania and the pre-desert in Prehistory and Antiquity
Katia Schörle, Mftah Hdad, Giulio Lucarini
16h50-17h10 Discussion générale
17h10-17h30 Pause Collation

 Mercredi 7 septembre 2022
8h30-9h00 Reception and welcome snack
9h-9h20 Ancient proteins uncover past human-animal interactions on the Eurasian Steppe
Shevan Wilkin, Nicole Boivin, Alicia Ventresca Miller, Myagmar Erdene, Bayarsaikhan Jamsranjav, Jessica Hendy, Christina Warinner, Choongwon Jeong, Ke Wang, Alan Outram, David Anthony, Egor Kitov, Aleksander Khokhlov
9h20-9h30 Discussion
9h30-9h50 Landscapes of pastoralism : Dartmoor, transhumant routes and the shaping of the landscape
Guillem Domingo-Ribas, Francesco Carrer
9h50-10h Discussion
10h-10h20 Bones, seeds, manure and isotopes : biological archives for understanding the Neolithic agropastoral system in the middle mountains
Lionel Gourichon, Manon Vuillien, Claire Delhon, Estelle Herrscher, Thierry Blasco, Maryline Montanes, Lucie Martin, Cédric Lepère, Janet Battentier, Guy André, Alain Carré, Arnaud Mazuy
10h20-10h30 Discussion
10h30-11h15 Snack and poster session
11h15-11h35 Animal mobility at Empúries from the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity : a complex picture from zooarchaeology and mobility isotopes
Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas, Ariadna Nieto-Espinet, Domingo Carlos Salazar-Garcia, Angela Trentacoste, Silvia Guimarães, Pere Castanyer, Joaquim Tremoleda, Marta Santos
11h35-11h45 Discussion
11h45-12h05 From the huts to the villages. Access, sharing and routes in the western Pyrenees
Mélanie Le Couédic, Christine Rendu
12h05-12h15 Discussion
12h15-13h30 Lunch
13h30-14h Presentation of the Exhibition "Transhumances de la Provence aux Alpes"
P. Fabre, C. Dallemagne
14h-14h20 From Landscape Archaeology to Biomolecular Markers and to Socio-Economic Modeling : The Role of Cattle in the Bronze and Iron Age in the Lower Engadine (Swiss Alps)
Philippe Della Casa et alii.
14h20-14h30 Discussion
14h30-14h30 Investigating the mobility of caprine herds in a mountain environment (Swiss Alps) from the Neolithic to the late Iron Age : the contribution of sequential isotope analyses in teeth enamel
Juliette Knockaert, Patricia Chiquet, Nicole Reynaud Savioz, Alistair W. G. Pike, Kevin Walsh
14h50-15h30 Closing discussion
14h50-15h30 Snack and departure

A glimpse of sheep seasonal vertical mobility during the middle Iron Age in the northeastern Iberian Peninsula : the case of Tossal de Baltarga (Cerdanya, eastern Pyrenees)
Chiara Messana, Carlos Tornero, Oriol Olesti, Lídia Colominas

Sheep and goat breeding during the Iron Age in South-eastern France : comparatives views of available archaeological, archaezoological and textual date
Delphine Isoardi, M. Vuillien

Modelling transhumant routes from Low Provence to the Alps. An application of GIS-based methods to understtand ancient mobility and postoral arrchaeological sites location
David Garcia Casas, Janet Battentier, Florence Mocci

Quaternary entomologgy as a tool to investgation high-altitude agro-pastoralism and transhumance : strengths and limits
P. Ponel, M. Djamali, M. Mashkour